IconRMS Olympic, Titanic, and the Gigantic ( the planned name Gigantic was later changed after the disaster to Britannic ).

The White Star Line denied that the ship was ever to have been named Gigantic but period posters (as shown) have been found that support the view that this name was indeed no myth. All three were built by Harland and Wolff of Belfast in Ireland and owned by The White Star Line. The belief that the Titanic was the largest of the three is not correct, as the Britannic was the largest, mainly due to of the modifications made to the design following the Titanic disaster.

Strangely enough, her interiors were smaller than her sister for the same reasons. The gross tonnage of Olympic also increased because of similar modifications made to her following the disaster. Most people who know of the Titanic, (and most do these days), but are surprised to learn of the existence of the three sister ships. They are especially surprised to find the third sister Britannic, suffered a fate almost as catastrophic as that of the Titanic .

This is yet another disaster of a ship that no one seems to have heard. Join me as we explore these and other ships.

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