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...the Australian historical site of "RMS Titanic", "RMS Olympic", "HMHS Britannic"
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My interest with RMS TITANIC and her Sisters started during my childhood in England during the sixties. Since moving to Australia in 1970, I have collected and seen many reports, books, videos and documentaries on the subject. There has been wide speculation on the disaster itself. Some reports are interesting and others completely ridiculous. My intention is to explain my feelings and beliefs on this tragic story and also that of her little known two sister ships, both of which fascinate me to the same degree. This interest has led me to study and collect information on other ships. I will be trying to maintain a historical view point on many ships, especially the unlucky ones. My dream is to visit the Titanic wreck in a submersible, or to at least visit the site of the sinking in the Atlantic Ocean.

Nic Wilson



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